Inspiring Calm (Audio CD), read by John Mansfield  

 Inspiring Calm CD  Scriptures & Reflections

with calming music, birdsong, gentle streams and

ocean waves - narrated by John Mansfield

Jesus invited his busy disciples saying: 'Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest..... so the disciples sailed away with him in their boat, seeking a quiet place, away from the crowds' (Mark 6:31-32)

Jesus' invitation still stands, but it's hard to find that elusive 'quiet place', surrounded as we are by so much noise and pollution, and our lives become so busy, so stressful with many demands and so little time.......we long for the peaceful space we need - a quiet place away from the crowds, away from the stress.

Inspiring Calm (a relaxing Christian CD with a unique style of its own) is restful, calming, quiet and meditative, This Spoken Word CD features inspiring Bible verses and reflections mixed together with soothing music, ocean waves, babbling streams and birdsong...... this peaceful CD is something of an oasis of calm - a virtual retreat to an idyllic quiet place! John Mansfield who reads the CD has an English accent

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The background picture on the cover of the Inspiring Calm CD is a view from Ardtoe beach, Ardnamurchan, Highlands of Scotland. 

 The Inspiring Calm CD: a helpful resource in many situations

  • Makes a lovely Gift (Birthday/Christmas/Mothers Day)
  • Prayer/worship/house group resource
  • Help for people facing stressful situations.
  • Useful Resource CD for Retreat Leaders
  • ME Sufferers seem to have found the CD particularly helpful
  • Play during the daily commute to help keep calm amongst the traffic!
  • Help for personal quiet time
  • Nature lovers will appreciate the sounds from God's Creation (ocean waves, streams, birdsong etc)

 INSPIRING CALM CD (track listing below)