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Inspiring Calm (Audio CD)

Bible verses and reflections with music, birdsong, gentle streams and ocean (A very relaxing Christian CD) 


  • Track 1 - Calming Me


Reflection on finding that elusive quiet place and the call of the Lord to 'come away' with Him and find rest), background: Piano, Flute and ocean waves.  7.55 minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 2 - Draw near to God/ Freedom 


Scipture verses with soothing music and the call of a soaring bird flying free.  7.06   minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 3 - The Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23) 


Possibly the best known Psalm with the Bible verses spoken by a gentle stream with birdsong.  3.07 minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 4 - Psalm 139 


A very special Psalm with musical background with ocean waves at various points.  4.58  LISTEN


  • Track 5 - There is a place I know 


A prayer-walk through a wood bursting with birdsong which then leads to an idyllic beach where the gentle waves lap the shore.  9.09 minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 6 - Early Morning 


Celebrating that special time of day around dawn with background music plus dawn chorus birdsong close to a quiet brook.  6.58 minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 7 - Heaven


Various Bible verses about heaven and eternal life with musical background.  6.04 minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 8 - Resting Place 


Bible verses/ meditations with background of grasses swaying in the wind, Skylark song/windchimes. 8.01 minutes.  LISTEN

Track 9 - The Lord's Prayer 

Birdsong, gentle brook/stream background with the words of the Lord's prayer read slowly. 3.16 minutes.  LISTEN


  • Track 10 - Time to leave 


A prayer expressing confidence in God - background of music and ocean waves)  7.07 minutes.  LISTEN

Total Running Time: 63 minutes


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Psalms: Hope & Encouragement for our Journey - read by John Mansfield with music/nature sounds. 



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