What people are saying about John Mansfield's CDs 


 Below are some of the comments that listeners have sent me about these CDs. Their words may help you weigh up if the CDs might be the kind of resources that you are looking for.  Also feel free to contact me through the 'Contact' page if you have any questions. 



Dear John. Thank you for all your work and effort producing these lovely CDs. I am having to re-order the Psalms CD because I lent my copy to a friend when she was going through a difficult time. I discovered she was listening to it constantly and finding it so supportive that i had to tell her to keep it! (Marion, UK)

Thank you, John. Your CDs have a contagious calm about them. I've often transitioned from frantic to peaceful in only a moment after putting in your CD. Thank you CANDACE, USA

I have to say your CDs are just wonderful. I went on a quiet day with friends & one was used there. I instantly "stopped" & let your voice & the lovely scriptures wash over me. It was amazing.
I have bought several copies to give to friends or anyone who is struggling as I believe they will truly bless & help. I put the Psalms CD on every morning as I get up - what a start to the day!
I really can't put into words just how much the CDs bless me. Thank you so much. CAROL (Tonbridge, UK )

To this day the Lord blesses me deeply whilst listening and meditating on Him using your CD. I feel it is so important that more Christians meditate, rest and wait upon the Lord, just as Jesus would go into the wilderness to meditate with the Father!

ELEANOR (Hampshire, UK)

Thank you! for this great CD! What a way to hear scripture...great job...very awesome...been looking for something like this for a loooong time!  thanks111 BEAUTIFUL!

Lynne (North Carolina, USA)


The Inspiring Calm CD has been such a blessing to me. I've had poor sleep patterns for a few years and the CD helps me to focus away from all the things I should have got done during the day and on to the Lord. The length of my sleep at night and also the quality has improved - I am very thankful (Sandra, UK)  

Thanks John, may I take this opportunity to say how helpful I've found your previous CDs in drawing close to God.... and especially so during the past few months since being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (aka ME). I play Inspiring Calm most days during my regular rest/relaxation periods and find it so beneficial. Before becoming unwell I loved walking and often spent holidays on the west coast of Scotland or Hebridean islands. The nature sounds on Inspiring Calm really enable me to imagine I'm back there again.... strolling through ancient oak woodlands, hearing eagles as they soar overhead, searching for tiny cowrie shells on beautiful white beaches, paddling in the perfectly clear turquoise sea and marvelling at God's creation in the carpet of wild flowers on the machair. Together with the powerful and healing words of scripture, this is the perfect mix for me and brings such peace and joy in His presence.

May God continue to bless you in this special ministry. (Sue, Hampshire)


'Not everyone can get away on an actual retreat, but this lovely CD by John Mansfield offers the opportunity to spend some quality quiet time'.  WOMAN ALIVE MAGAZINE

'Just outstanding! It is the most calming cd I have ever heard, I really felt so close to God, thank you so much.'  JANE from Derby, UK 

'Although I have had your CD for months now, I would love to tell you how much I love it. The scripture has been a great comfort to me. Your voice is perfect for the scripture reading.'  BARBARA from USA

'Great work John.. I am from australia melbourne and I use the cd twice per day..I have not every heard any other christian material like this..I truely love it and feel so blessed by God that I stumbled your work...'.  MARIA from Australia

'I just wanted to thank you for sending the CD & to say that it is absolutely lovely. I  try to think about God's peace and frequently mumble prayers & pleas for help but my mind gets so jittery that I often find calm and quiet hard to findYour CD really helps as the gentleness of the words, music & background manages to get through the rabble in my head & I am managing to keep at least a bit of the calm in my mind throughout the day.   The CD is also very helpful to help me get back to sleep if I wake in the night, I mean that as a compliment-it is very soothing...'  FRANCES

'I cannot put into words what this CD has done for me and I praise God for allowing me to find healing through 'Inspiring Calm'. It is truly a work inspired by the LORD and Jesus ministered to me through it healing me of long-term 'burn-out' I will continue to listen and be blessed and restored by it.'  KATH from Dorset

'If it is calm relaxation you are seeking, then John Mansfield's new album,  Inspiring Calm is a welcome change...guaranteed to lift stress.'  CEN (Church of England  Newspaper)   

'Great CD! The Bible quotes, voice and music are well matched and the combination really does offer help and peace'.  EDDIE ASKEW

'I have looked long and hard for something like this and at last it has arrived!'   CHRISSIE from Gravesend

'It's too good not to share!' - NGARLA from Australia

'If everyone listened to this CD there would be peace in the world, sheer bliss!' PAUL from UK


re HEALING WORDS OF BLESSING CD - Thank you with all my heart dear brother for your very beautiful CD. It's making me cry as i feel God's Spirit uncovering and healing my pain and tears of so many years. I don't think ive ever listened to anything so beautiful that touches my soul. The combination of God's life giving words and v beautiful music and sounds is truly inspired. (Kathryn - East Sussex) 


Dear John - I ordered your CDs a few months back and had them sent to my daughter. She was suffering from exhaustion from overwork and an inability to sleep as well as panic attacks. She related that they were a tremendous help to her. She is so much better now. While she loves all three, her favorite was the words of Jesus CD. I am very happy to hear that you are working on Healing Words of Blessings! I will purchase that one as well when it comes out. God bless you and your ministry. You are a blessing. With Love in Christ Jesus  Linda (from Alabama USA) 


I absolutely LOVE it, the best CD of it's type I've ever come across, inspirational, gentle, powerful and a thoroughly beautiful way to relax into God's presence    

PAT MARSH Christian Poet & Retreat Leader and author of Whispers of Love, Silent Strength & The Gift of a Cross.