A little bit about how www.inspiringcalm.com came to be

About InspiringCalm.com  

InspiringCalm.com  is the website of narrator John Mansfield and also the name of John's first spoken word CD.

The Inspiring Calm CD was born out of John's longing to escape the hectic pace of modern life and seek out that elusive quiet place in which to draw near to God, to enjoy His Creation and to pray and reflect.

Recognizing that many people find it really difficult to find quiet spaces for prayer and reflection, due to time pressure or family responsibilities John created Inspiring Calm to act as a help for personal quiet time.  This easy to listen to CD is a resource aimed at helping the listener draw close to God in a gentle but deeply moving way.

Over the years John has collected together Scriptures that had inspired and helped him in times of need and these form the basis of the spoken words on Inspiring Calm.

John enjoys quiet walks away from the crowds, appreciating God's creation and seeking to draw close to Him.  He enjoys watching the birds, the wild flowers and the changing seasons.  From the calm that John receives from God he seeks to share that calm with others.  It is his desire that all who listen to the CD will experience a blessing of peace from God. 

On Sunday's John is a regular reader of the Scripture lesson at St Luke's, his local church. 

John Mansfield narrator of Inspiring CALM, PSALMS & WORDS OF JESUS CD's

 John escaping the office for a quick walk in the local park 





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