Scripture readings and reflections to resource your church, home group or retreat.

Easter Resources

The Words of Jesus CD contains several readings that are particularly helpful in the lead up to and during Easter. 


 These include:

  • Last Supper
  • Gethsemene
  • Jesus arrested
  • Before Caiaphas 
  • Before Pilate
  • Father forgive them (the Crucifixion)
  • Burial
  • Empty tomb
  • Jesus seen by Mary Magdalene
  • I am with you always (Matthew 28: 16-20) 


Prayer and Retreat Resources 

The Inspiring Calm Audio CD can be used as either a group or personal retreat.


Small Groups

The Inspiring Calm CD can be used in home/prayer groups to help refocus on God after a busy day. Some housegroups have chosen to play the whole CD through in one sitting, others have chosen just to play one or two track's per meeting as a gentle lead in to a time of prayer or worship.

  • Calming me - (track 1)

This track can be used to seek the Lord's calming hand upon our lives, whatever stresses we are facing. It features the invitation of Jesus to 'come away with a quiet place and get some rest' - explores some of the difficulties of finding that quiet place, but then moves on with faith asking the Lord to calm our waves, and still our storm  LISTEN

  • Draw near to God/Freedom - (track 2)  

Featuring a collection of Bible readings woven together to help us draw near to God and enjoy the freedom that we have in Christ.  LISTEN 

  • The Lord is my Shepherd - (track 3) 

The words of Psalm 23, read as if we are really there, being led by the Lord alongside a bubbling stream, hearing Skylark's overhead. LISTEN

  • Psalm 139 - (track 4)

Read to a background of Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, at appropriate places the sound of the sea can be heard.  LISTEN

  • There is a place I know - (track 5)

Journey on a forest path listening to the birds, the path eventually leads onto a beach where you hear the sound of the sea. An idylic place to pray and enjoy God's prescence - LISTEN 

  • Early Morning - (track 6) 

A Robin sings and we follow a gentle stream through an ancient forest, at dawn the birds sing praise, and as the dawn chorus begins, we too are moved to worship LISTEN 

  • Heaven - (track 7)  

An anthology of Bible readings on the theme of Heaven to background music. LISTEN

  • Resting Place - (track 8) 

We hear the sound of the wind rustling the tall grass, and Skylarks overhead. In this idylic place we reach a Resting Place, a favourite rock, warm in the sun - here we rest awhile and words of Scripture speak deeply into our lives. LISTEN

  • The Lord's Prayer - (track 9)

All too often in our services we are guilty or rushing through the Lord's Prayer as quickly as possible. Track 9 on the Inspiring Calm CD features The Lord's Prayer read more slowly with a background of birdsong and a gentle stream. LISTEN

  • Time to Leave - (track 10) 

This is a fitting track to play at the end of a service as it is an encouragement that the Lord is with us whatever circumstances we will be facing during the following week. LISTEN


A Useful Resource for Retreat Leaders 


Rev Steve Silvester writes about Inspiring Calm

'I'd like to commend John Mansfield's CD Inspiring Calm. This CD is the outworking of a vision born in prayer. I think the CD speaks deeply into our busy lives and can be of great value to a lot of people who need to find calm places where they can be conscious of God's prescence.

John is a lovely, genuine guy. There is nothing of self-promotion in this project. John has used some of the material when leading intercessions at church, and it has been very much appreciated.'







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